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09/10/12 4:24 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By: nathan

Obsessed with tracking, HPDE, PDX, TT? Trackrat® is too! Join us for a DE/TT event on Oct 26-28 at Reno Fernley Raceway. Running super fun and technical Config C. Three groups, five 20 minute sessions with 5 minute buffer so if cars clear track on back checker, 25 min sessions.

As long as you have driven solo at an on-track event you can register for this event. If you have driven solo at one of the local SCCA events, you are welcome to register at this event. There is the opportunity for three newbies to take instruction, must register for two or three days.  Contact pete@Trackrat.com to set this up.

All makes models are welcome!

This will be a private event – general public/spectators NOT allowed into the paddock without prior approval from host.

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